Students learn about the environment through structured interaction with their natural and social environment, exploration, discussion of experiences and observations, interaction
with adults and peers, exemplars, task-oriented activities, structured observations, and visits.

National Curriculum Framework 2022

Wipro earthian is a nationwide initiative of Wipro Foundation to deepen the sustainability education within schools and colleges across the country. The objective is to provide exposure to multiple perspectives, develop an interconnected understanding of different disciplines in education and life. This will help teachers and students to make more informed choices about their lives and society.

Paryavaran Mitra’ is a nationwide initiative by Centre for Environment Education (CEE) to create a network of young leaders from schools across the country, with the awareness, knowledge, commitment and potential to meet the challenges of environmental sustainability in their own spheres of influence. It envisages schools providing learning spaces and opportunities to students that promote exploration, discovery, thinking and action in the area of environmental sustainability.

Wipro Foundation and CEE had collaborated on the agenda of environment and sustainability education across schools to extend the partnership between the Wipro’s earthian and CEE’s Paryavaran mitra programme for schools. As part of collaboration, the programme is directly offered to schools in Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal and also to the national school network. Any school from the country can participate in this programme.

Through chosen themes, the programme aims to engage teams of students and faculties from schools in a set of activities to understand these themes in their local context and explore sustainability linkages.

The programme is offered in three themes: