Who can join the programme?

  • Schools across the country can join this exciting programme.
  • Students from classes/grades 6th to 12th are eligible to participate.

How to participate in the programme?

  • Register your school for the programme before 15 August 2024.
  • Select a teacher as a ‘facilitator’ who will identify and work with a team of students.
  • Online training will be conducted for registered school teachers to guide them about the implementation of the programme.
  • Teachers can download resource materials.
  • Form a team of students with minimum 2 to maximum 5 members.
  • Schools can form a maximum of 3 teams who can work on three themes.
  • Teacher will orient and guide students on the selected theme/s.
  • Assign activities to students as mentioned in the theme & booklet.
  • Hand holding and guidance will be provided to teachers.
  • After completion of activities, guide students to document the activity report. 
  • Submit your school’s report here before 15th October 2024.

How to document and submit a report?

  • Reports/entries documented by the school’s team on the selected themes need to be submitted ONLY in soft copy.
  • Each school can submit up to 3 entries/reports under single registration from the school.  
  • Make sure that report is written and documented by the student team in guidance of the teacher. 
  • Documentation of the report can be done as a handwritten or typed file. The handwritten reports need to be scanned. The typed reports need to be documented as word documents. Convert your scanned or typed report as a pdf file for submission.
  • Include photos, data, creative expressions from students and video links in this report. 
  • Only one document is required to be uploaded as a report.
  • You need to fill separate google forms for submission of more than one report. File size only up to 1 GB is permitted.

How are reports evaluated?           
Reports are assessed based on scores allocated for each part. After detailed evaluation submitted from schools, the reports are shortlisted meeting all the criterias. A national level jury evaluates shortlisted reports.

When winners are announced? 
National level winners are announced by the first week of January 2025. At national level 20 winner teams are announced. Wipro earthian award ceremony will be held in the first week of February 2025. Each winning school team receives a INR 50 thousand along with memento and certificates.

Regional level winners are announced by March 2025. A ceremony will be held in May 2025. Each winning school team receives a INR 10 thousand along with memento and certificates.

Participation certificates are awarded to all school teams who have submitted their reports.

  Office :Centre for Environment Education, INDIA        E-mail: [email protected]    |     Call: 0522 -2713998, Toll Free Number 9696818591.