What is the Paryavaran Mitra programme?


Paryavaran Mitra is a nationwide initiative to transform 2 crore students into Paryavran Mitra through participation in curricular and co-curricular activities and projects.

A Paryavaran Mitra student demonstrates environmental leadership qualities through positive change in behaviour and action at individual, school, family and community levels. Thus every Paryavaran Mitra student becomes a change agent for sustainability.

The first step towards achieving the goal is for the school to join the programme. The success of the programme rests upon the support and guidance of the principal/headmaster and active participation of all the teachers in taking up programme activities in the class, club and the whole school.

The Paryavaran Mitra programme synergizes several national level initiatives like the National Green Corps (NGC), Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan (SSA), National Environment Awareness Campaign (NEAC), and builds on partnerships at the national and international level.

What will the Paryavaran Mitra project achieve?


Through the Paryavaran Mitra Programme students will:

  1. Become aware, acquire information and knowledge about issues regarding sustainability, and understand these better in their own context to take positive environmental action.
  2. Build skills through hands-on experience and projects in-their school, family, neighbourhood, village or city.
  3. Be motivated and capacity-built to become agents of change through involvement in action projects.
  4. Imbibe values and habits that are consistent with a sustainable way of life.