Newsletter : 1 July - 31 August 2016 Vol. : 79


Eco-Schools Green Flag Awards

Eco-schools programme is a sustainable schools programme initiated to help school students connect with and take action on environmental issues of concern to the school and the immediate community. Eco-Schools offer International Certification and enables students to become environmentally responsible citizens.

'Eco-Schools Green Flag award' was awarded to 5 Eco-schools from India. This is the first set of Indian Schools to be awarded with the Green Flag certification. The certification was awarded to the schools during the international conference on Education for Sustainable Development at CEE Ahmedabad on 16th of September 2016.

All the schools worked on waste management theme. Schools did extensively well and looked at becoming centers of waste collection. students and teachers of the ‘Government Lower Primary School, Tholasanadoddi’ collected over 1400 kg waste by associating with 5 other government schools and by encouraging them to collect waste and in turn collecting the same from them. This was dome over a period of 8 months and the school managed to sell and earn over Rs. 8,500/-


The schools which were awarded Eco-schools green flag awards;

1. Delhi Public School Bangalore,Karnataka

2. Alpine Public School, Bangalore, Karnataka

3. GLPS Tholasanadoddi, Malur, Karnataka

4. Nand Vidya Niketan, Jamnagar, Gujarat

5. Sanctuary School, kaigal, Andhra Pradesh


Delegates who gave away the Eco-schools green flag awards to 5 Indian Schools;

Brid coonely, director, international Eco-Schools programme

Dr. Ian Humphreys, CEO Keep Northern Island Beautiful and board member FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education)

Ms. Lesley Jones, CEO Keep Wales Tidy and President FEE

Mr. Daniel Schaffer, CEO, FEE

Mr. Kartikeya V. Sarabhai, Director CEE


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Safai Ke Sitarey

The new initiative "Swachhagraha" works towards creating a culture of cleanliness through behavior change education. Under Swachhagraha, we have launched a campaign called 'Safai Ke Sitare' where in we are trying to acknowledge the heroes who help keep our environment clean in the form of cleaning staff by clicking a selfie with them. Your school and students should also become a part of this campaign. The students have to click a selfie with the cleaning staff at their school/home/neighborhood with a short write up which describes the person with his her name, background and how important is their role for the society. The creative write up and selfie would be bestowed with exciting prizes.

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Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar 2016

Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar is the annual award given to schools, teachers and students for excellent efforts in environment education and education for sustainable development through curricular classroom activities and action projects.

Schools can submit entries in the prescribed formats available on the website. The entries will be accepted in all official Indian languages. All Paryavaran Mitra registered schools (if your school is not registered, please register here) are encouraged to apply in all the categories of the award. The last date for receiving the entries under all categories of the Puraskar will be 31st of December 2016. For the detailed information on report formats and other information on the Puraskar log on to

For any queries related to the Puraskar feel free to contact the Paryavaran Saathi Toll Free helpline no. 1800 3000 0996.



Wipro Earthian 2016

A sustainability education programme in partnership with Paryavaran Mitra programme for increasing water and biodiversity literacy.

The Earthian programme is aimed to support schools in understanding and bringing in sustainability into the educational activities at the school. The objective is to provide an exposure to multiple perspectives, and develop an interconnected understanding of different disciplines in education and life.

Schools are invited to do a set of learning activities by forming teams in the school. Submissions based on this, as per the guidelines in the booklets (Available on the website), can win prestigious Earthian award to the school. (This activity is eligible for Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar 2016 as projects under water and biodiversity themes.).The Earthian programme intents to engage with the schools that win the award over a longer period to help school bring in sustainability education in a better and more holistic way.

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Important Dates: Report Submission

Wipro Earthian 2016– 31st Oct. 2016

Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar 2016 – 31st Dec. 2016