Newsletter : 1 May 2018- 30 June  2018 Vol. : 89

Active learning workshop for class 6th to 10th!

Centre for Environment Education conducted a Workshop for students of grades 6th to 10th to familiarize them with key concepts from Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). The activity based learning STEM modules are linked to the school curriculum and are designed to help the child prepare for the new academic year and help them get a head start in the school. The workshop was conducted during 14th -18 May with students participating enthusiastically in the five days programme.

Students worked in groups and shared learning with each other through presentations, skit, models on concepts and asking questions. Students were engrossed in the activities which was evident from their keen interest and participation in the learning.

Concepts from Science, Geography and Mathematics subjects were covered through Activity based learning. The students were also exposed to environmental issues and growing need to take positive action towards sustainability. The workshop got financial support from S&P global.

World Environment Day


World Environment Day was celebrated across India by Centre for Environment Education. The theme announced by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) this year is on “Beat Plastic Pollution” and India is the global host of 2018.

As a part of World Environment Day’s theme, a range of day-long activities were organized on June 5, at CEE Ahmedabad. World Environment Day toolkit was launched in English and Hindi languages and the same will be made available in eleven other languages. Green Key Programme which is focused on sustainability in hospitality industry was also launched during the event. E-waste deposit facility at CEE Ahmadabad was also made available for all to deposit e- waste. The day long activities were focused on orienting students and community to create awareness and sensitization towards taking positive action to reduce plastic pollution and to widen innovative and indigenous choices of their own.


Take up the 100 metre challenge!

‘Take a 100 metre stretch road and make it plastic free’

The “100 Metres Clean-up Challenge” promotes the idea that keeping the school surroundings clean lies in the hands of students and the school authorities. The challenge encourages students to identify a 100 metre stretch outside school and ensure that it is clean and plastic free.

Download a free copy of the toolkit at:


Eco-Schools Programme

Calling schools to register for the 2018-2021 Cycle. Eco-Schools India offered by the Centre for Environment Education, is an International Programme for promoting Environment Education and awareness in schools, particularly by engaging students from classes 1-5.

Eco-Schools India is part of the larger global Eco-Schools progrmme implemented through the Foundation for Environment Education network in over 67 countries.

The programme is focused on seven step methodology which the schools has to follow working on five themes Biodiversity, Energy, Water, Waste, and Healthy Living. Working on atleast three of the five themes; schools fulfilling the specified criteria become eligible to receive the International Green Flag Award and certification.

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The Planet Pre school


CEE started ‘The Planet Pre school’, a founding effort in Nature based Pre school education in India. The school provides a nature-based early learning programme that support growth across the development domains and foster skills in areas such as language, thinking, confidence, self-regulation and motor development to prepare students for formal schooling.The Planet Pre school is CEE’s initiative is in collaboration with the ‘Natural Start Alliance: Promoting Early Childhood Environmental Education’ of the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE).

The Planet Pre School brings over 34 years of CEE’s experience as well as international experience along with local adaptability to build synergies to infuse citizenship among children making the world a better place to stay. The school will enhance understanding of sustainable development to give a unique opportunity to endorse attitudes, strategies and technologies which are environmentally sustainable.

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