Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar Best Student Award 2013


Addressing vehicular congestion starting from the neighbourhood

Aishwarya.P, of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s school Hyderabad is a participant in the Paryavaran Mitra Young Leader for Change 2013 decided to work on addressing pollution due to vehicular congestion in her immediate neighbourhood. An initial survey on understanding the issue revealed where, how and how long her neighbours commuted each day to work. She found this information useful and decided to connect people in her housing society to carpool/share transport. Her awareness campaign was thus focused on connecting people travelling to the same destination and helping them to carpool to reduce congestion on roads, save time and fuel and to get social. More than ¼ of the people she surveyed have liked her idea and are sharing transport or carpooling.

Read more about her work here.


Environment awareness through youth mobilization

Simran Vedvyas, of Universal American School, Dubai, UAE is also a Paryavaran Mitra Young Leader for Change 2013 participant. Her work is focused on mobilizing young people to join her group ‘SynergY for environmental awareness activities which include plantation as waste landfill sites. The campaign has helped garner interest in her work and she has showcased her work at several forums.

Read more about her work here.



Invest in Sanitation

Sahil Borah of Rachana School Ahmedabad led a group of students in a Sanitation awareness project in his school and the slum nearby. The action project has involved several interactions with students and residents of the slum nearby. The students also looked at the impact of their campaign through pre- and post- surveys and also articulated their own learnings through this project.

Action Plan         Final Report        Reflections



Action project on conserving Mysore's Heritage Lake Kukkrahalli-Anushka Kale

Her work so far has involved reaching out to the communities near the lake and getting to know how they use the lake and their perceptions regarding the lake. The team has been monitoring several parameters of the health of the lake and approaching decision makers with all the information to improve the quality of the lake for the sake of all the organisms dependent on the lake ecosystem like birds, fish, plants, fishermen and the general public. Read about her progress so far

Update         ActionPlan



Jagriti-Taking Environment Education to 100 schools in Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Ankita Bhalla, Sansrkiti School, Delhi-Her action project Jagriti which is on spreading Environmental Education in 100 schools of Dadra and Nagar Haveli has got the support of the Education department and is slowly getting acceptance from the teachers and administrators. Hers project is a long journey whose first step has been taken successfully. Ankita and team have had to change strategy after a good ground truthing exercise of the issue at hand and have decided to work with 20 model schools that will influence the rest to take up action projects. Here she talks about what the journey has been so far for her and her colleagues.

 Update         Mid term report        ActionPlan

Conserving electricity in school

Rajeet Gagopadhyay of Aditya Birla School, Kesrol, Gujarat is on a mission to 10% reduction in electricity consumption in his school. He and his friends are looking at the issue from all angles. They are starting out looking for reasons for wastage and leakage followed by behavioural change amongst students, researching different energy conserving devices. He is also looking at how to sustain these efforts in the school and to make it part of the school’s ‘way of life’. Read more about his project and stay tuned for updates from him and his team.  



Student led energy conservation project

Janhavi Singh of SETH ANANDRAM JAIPURIA SCHOOL, GHAZIABAD has gotten together with her group of colleagues (Nature Nurturers Group) and are on a mission to make people aware energy conservation and giving them tips on how to conserve energy. They have conducted several meetings in their school and have identified 20 homes where they are spreading the message and will evaluate to see the impact of their awareness campaign when their bills come in at the end of the intervention period. Read more about this action project here.  



Student project documenting marine biodiversity and livelihood of fisherman and the impact of pollution on marine resources.

In the spirit of the International Coastal Clean up Day we bring to you an interesting action project on documenting marine biodiversity and the effects of anthropogenic activities on marine resources taken up by Young Leader for Change contender Tejas Naik. Tejas is a class 9 student of Aditya Birla Public School, Bharuch, Gujarat. The project titled ‘Impact of the Bhadbhut barrage construction on Marine life and the local people in the region of Gulf of Khambhat’. The study also looks at the dependence of the local fishing community on the coastal resources and to study the impact of industrial activities on the fishing community and on the different kinds of fish. Read on for more about the project here.

Addressing travel woes in front of the school

Paryavaran Mitra Young Leader for Change, Soumik Karmakar’s action project on addressing the traffic situation in front of his school is in full swing. The initial traffic survey has thrown up some interesting findings and challenges which Soumik plans to address with the help of his school management and a concerted awareness campaign with his colleagues at school. Take a look at the latest in his project and we will keep you posted on the happenings in his project. Click here for project slideshow



Green to win: Garbage to green, protecting Earth's sheen.

Archismita Basu from Army Public School Bangalore is working on creating awareness about the ill effects of polythene and campaigning in the school for prohibition of usage of polythene and declaring it as no polythene zone. Her aim is to motivate people to make paper/cloth bags. readmore...




Leadership Lessons for Young Leader for Change

Ms. Padmashree S. of Sachdeva High School Delhi presented her action project to Mr Vijay Bhatnagar, CEO ArcelorMittal India & China and got inputs on her project on setting up a waste management system in her school involving the students, teachers and the school management committee. Speaking about her experience she said, ‘I am happy to get this opportunity to present my Paryavaran Mitra Young Leader for Change action plan before a CEO. I got suggestions to improve my presentation by setting clear targets and focus on doable action plan. It was a confidence boost and a great learning experience. Stay tuned for actions done by Padmashree and other students in the Paryavaran Mitra Young Leader for Change Initiative


 Paryavaran Mitra Young Leader for Change 2013-Induction workshop

Coming together to work in the environment

The 4-day Paryavaran Mitra Young Leader for Change 2013 Induction workshop saw 24 students coming together from allover India with their teachers and parents at CEE Ahmedabad from 23 to 26 July. The students aged between 12-15 years were selected through a nationwide process that reviewed their action project plans which tackle local environmental issues. The students have taken up action projects in the themes of Energy conservation, Biodiversity and Greening, Waste Management, Sanitation, and Traffic issues, etc. The workshop was the beginning of this journey. The Paryavaran Mitra Young Leader for Change initiative aims to demonstrate ways in which students can be engaged in Project Based Learning. read more...


List of 35 students selected for Paryavaran Mitra Young Leader for Change initiative 2013 through a nationwide process (in alphabetical order). These students are carrying out their action projects in the various themes in their local context. Their timeline is as follows:

 Mid-April 2013  
  Announcement and action project plan format available on the   website
23 June
 Deadline for sending the action plans to:
  25 June
Result announcement.
 15 July
Workshop of students to strengthen their action plan with the help of mentors and experts.
July-31 December
 Students carry out action projects and share results.
15 January 2014
Announcement of Paryavaran Mitra-Young Leader for Change Award 2013
January End
Award Ceremony



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