According to Baringsar Lignite plant production in 2011-2012. Source:Central Electricity Authority, Operation Performance Monitoring Division, No.CEA/OPM/PPI/6/1/2011, 13.04.2012


Top 3 savers by percentage
will get:

Power Count Award
Nature Camp Vouchers

Early bird schools/individuals
also will get a chance to participate in:

UN Convention on
Biological Diversity Conference COP11
1-19th Oct 2012, Hyderabad,
present achievements of campaign and  
interact with people
from all over the world

5 participants get most
number of schools*/ individuals
(has to be mentioned in registration)
will get:

Nature Camp Vouchers

* School will be represented by one teacher and one student.

One of the most polluting coal power plants is the one running with Lignite coal. It emits highest amounts of CO2 and also a larger number of polluting side products than many other power plants.

Shutting down a power plant for one day or even more would mean a big cut in pollution and therefore reduce the impacts of climate change and send a big message to the world, that together, we can have an impact!

You can take part in this challenge either in the “school” or “individual” category. Commit to the challenge and register for free. The challenge is to reduce electricity bills for either July-August or August-September (according to your billing cycle) in comparison to the bill in the same period last year.

The top 3 schools and individuals who saves the most by percentage will get the Power Count Award, which will be given in form of a trophy and a certificate, and nature camp vouchers. You will have to send in the bills from your billing months in 2012 and of the same period in 2011 before November 10th 2012.

Early bird winners, from each category, will get the chance to participate in the UN Convention on Biological Diversity Conference COP11 from 1-19th October 2012 in Hyderabad. For this opportunity you will have to send in your bills before September 25th 2012.

Also five participants who have promotes this campaign and manages to get most number of schools and individual registrations for the Power Count (which also has to be committed in the registration) will get nature camp vouchers.

Together we CAN make a difference!


Podavur AUP School does Power Count Survey

The Power Count Challenge has been taken up by Podavoor AUP school from Kasargod district, Kerala with 450 households. Students have conducted survey of electricity usage of households in the area followed by an action plan for reducing the usage of electricity consumptions. They will conduct another survey after a month to check if the target reduction has been achieved. For details, click here





Power saving by an individual 

Shrikant Sharma, Class 3, Anand Niketan School, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Shrikant registered as an individual and completed the challenge by showing a savings of 17 units with the help of his family.

He shares with us his experience. ‘.I have reduced my electricity bill by :

1. Spending time in the same room and hence using only one fan and light.

2. Watching less TV and playing outside.

3. Switching off all switches and unused light and fan.

4. Putting TV on mute when advertisement is going on.

5. No games on computer as I was not getting time.

6. Replacing 2 CFL with one brighter CFL.’







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