Newsletter : 1 September - 30 November 2016 Vol. : 80


Wipro Earthian 2016: Sustainability Education in Schools

A sustainability education programme in partnership with Paryavaran Mitra programme for increasing water and biodiversity literacy.

Workshops were organized with teachers in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Jammu and Gujarat in Halvad and Ahmedabad. 1169 teachers attended these training programmes at various locations of the above mentioned states.

The training workshops included session on project based learning and action ideas as curricular projects that can be done within school and community. The training was facilitated via various interactive and active teaching learning methods like games and demonstrations. The teacher felt that, the Earthian activities can be a simple way to develop an understanding on the water and biodiversity themes amongst the students. Training materials on both the themes of water and biodiversity was provided to the teachers for conducting the activities with the students. 535 schools responded to the programme enthusiastically and sent reports of the activities conducted with the students. The shortlisted entries were submitted to wipro for the jury process and final selection for the awards.

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Paryavaran Mitra Puraskar 2016; Entries are Open

Paryavaran Mitra Schools across the country are working enthusiastically on environmental projects pertaining to the five themes for the ‘Puraskar’ and finalizing their reports to share and show their commitment through handprint action projects.

All Paryavaran Mitra registered schools (if your school is not registered, please register here) are encouraged to apply in all the categories of the award. Entries for the Puraskar are open and schools can submit entries in the prescribed formats available on the website. The entries will be accepted in all official Indian languages. The last date for receiving the entries under all categories of the Puraskar will be 31st of December 2016.


For the detailed information on report formats and other information on the Puraskar log on to

For any queries related to the Puraskar feel free to contact the Paryavaran Saathi Toll Free helpline no. 1800 3000 0996.



Report Submission formats:

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Launching #Gandagi Se Azadi

Satyagraha was a mass movement to get independence. On the same lines, Swachhagraha aims to get Azadi from dirt and litter through conscious efforts of not creating the waste. We invite schools to join Gandagi se Azadi campaign where the schools Explore one issue related to cleanliness in their school, Discover the stakeholders involved and reasons behind the issue, Think on how the issue can be resolved or reduced, Take Action collectively to solve the same, and Share the story with us!

Best reports would be felicitated with exciting prizes!

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